We are ready

Connecting Africa

Hakuna is a technology company with a dream to provide our customers with the
best products and services at the most affordable rates. While we are in business to
make a profit, our primary focus is on value creation and quality service delivery. The
formidable partnerships back our concept we were able to create with – among which
– an outstanding German manufacturer, a Chinese marketing giant, and several
African governments. We will help Africans to connect with each other and the world.
“Think Global, Act Local”



Hakuna Group’s mission is to offer its customers the highest standard smartphone products and services at the most affordable rates. Its owners focus on a personalized approach to its customers by providing convenient and ad-hoc service. Additionally, Hakuna Group has an eye for the best interest of its customers and offers them personalized advice to assist in picking the product and service that perfectly meets their needs. Finally, our staff has strong rooted vendor relationships with the product suppliers and is able to meet the customers’ demand for the latest innovations in smartphone technology.
We believe it is important to remain an active member of the community and to impact people’s lives in more ways than just deriving a profit from them. We propose to host Hakuna community events that bring out the best in people and to motivate them to act on their talents.